Tales of the Multiverse - Volume 2: Predator and Prey - Front Cover

The Whatchamacallit? is an alien race that has discovered humans are delicious. Now they are heading toward planet Earth to fulfill a dark mission: to harvest humans as livestock.

A group of elite scientists, military, and government officials initiate communication in an attempt to learn the motivation of the extraterrestrial visitors. After a “First Contact” diplomatic procedure, they discover that the Earth faces a grave threat unless they surrender to the demands of the hungry Whatchamacallit? aliens.

Meanwhile, Earthling Greta Müller has been plagued by strange dreams for some time, leaving her unsure of her reality and past memories of her capture and escape from the Whatchamacallit? planet. Now it is up to Greta and her friends with special abilities, both artificially intelligent entities and horse-like alien creatures, to collaborate to face the Whatchamacallit? threat.

In this continuing science fiction saga, old and new friends unite to aid in stopping the greatest alien threat against human civilization, before it is too late for all. But will Greta’s friends find the human race worth saving? Or will they allow the Whatchamacallit? predators to restore balance to an already damaged ecosystem on Earth with humans as prey?

Copyright © 2020 by Kathleen West

Tales of the Multiverse – Volume 2: Predator and Prey

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