The Whatchamacallit?

The Whatchamacallit?

Xaanalopala-Xie-Ka or simply “Xaana” pronounced “Zane-a” is a female “Xie” Whatchamacallit?. I will attempt to describe this creature as it is nothing you’ve seen from Earth. She is neither plant, nor insectoid but a sentient animal with bi-lateral symmetry like you and me (and like most of God’s creatures). This species is considered biologically dominant, in the upper echelon of intelligence and technological achievement, and asserts themselves as apex predators across multiple galaxies.

Xie, “She” (relating to the Earth gender that can spawn offspring), can see you through her large, orange eyes in multiple color spectra except red and infrared heat. Her species relies on a multitude of green tentacles with suction cups to sense their environment and move, rather quickly, about their environment in pursuit of their prey or mates.

What exactly motivates a “Whatchamacallit?”? Let’s just say these aliens are hungry, horny, and subversive in getting what they want out of life, which always relates back the primary drives for food and sex.

In their culture, a female is given a title, a greeting, a classification, and role as it relates to where she stands in her reproductive life cycle. Weird, isn’t it? Well how weird is Miss, Mrs., Ms., etc. in our Earth culture? Xaana is currently in her “Ka” phase where she can spawn little Whatchamacallit?.

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Loretta Amaranth (
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